Latest Court Win: £1368.66 + interest

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The latest win we know of in the UK courts is Gordon Dick v Transcom Internet Services Ltd. where Gordon won damages and expenses totalling £1368.66 plus interest.

Tired of Spam? Make spammers pay!

The courts will work for you.

If you are fed up with increasing amounts of Spam email in your mailbox then make a legal claim now and make the spammers pay for their actions. There have been cases both in England and Scotland under the UK implementation of the European Anti-spam laws. The courts are sensitive to putting right these misdemeanors and the small claims procedures are ideally suited for individuals to take low cost legal action. This site tries to give you an idea of how to make a claim and what others have achieved. We are also trying to encourage ISPs and email providers to join us in taking a socially responsible approach by working together to help end users take legal action to drive spammers from the UK by using existing laws. Ask your ISP if they are taking the responsible approach and working with us!

Known anti-Spam cases in the UK

Court cases we know about...

If you have details of any other UK cases, please let us know by email.
Court Judgement for:
January 2007Gordon Dick v Transcom Internet Services Ltd. (Court Reference: SA1170/06)Edinburgh Sheriff Court, Scotland£750 +8% interest p.a. from 10th May 2006£618.66£1368.66 +interest
Settled out of court for:
December 2005Nigel Roberts v Media Logistics (UK) LtdColchester County Court, England£270£30£300
If you are considering putting together an anti-spam case then look at the details published by Nigel Roberts on his successful case in England and at the details on this site about the successful case in Scotland. The law is the same throughout the UK but detail may need tweaked for the legal system you use.

Known anti-Spam settlements in the UK

Cases that we know settled before action...

The cases below never needed action to be filed in court for a settlement to be achieved - the responsible way all companies should act when they are in the wrong.

March 2007Gordon Dick v Anonymous-1£100 paid to a charity.
October 2007Mark Cooper v Anonymous-2£50 paid to a charity.